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About Allerød Kommune and public service

Allerød Kommune has approximately 24,000 residents, and is located in the heart of North Zealand.

Allerød Kommune has a well-developed infrastructure. With good roads and train connections to the outside world.

Allerød Kommune offers beautiful landscapes and a good environment with woods, fields and lakes.

The municipality has

  • 8 elementary schools
  • 20 daycare centers
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Theater
  • Cinema
  • Business sector
  • Development and much more

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Further information

If you would like further information on Allerød Kommune and our services you are welcome to contact us at telephone +45 48 10 01 00, or send us an email.



Bjarkesvej  2
3450  Allerød

Tlf. +45 48 10 01 00
Fax 48 14 02 08
Ean nr. Se oversigt til højre
Bank 4319 7116063
Cvr.nr. 60183112

Email kommunen@alleroed.dk
Hjemmeside http://www.alleroed.dk/


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